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Bury Integrated Safeguarding Partnership

Working together to safeguard adults and children in Bury

Domestic abuse

Greater Manchester Police Greater Manchester Police - Domestic abuse and Bury Council Domestic Abuse Bury Council - Domestic abuse web pages provide advice and links to services for victims of domestic abuse.

A briefing sheet on lessons learnt from a recent serious case review, which had an element of domestic abuse, can be downloaded from this page. Please also see the Greater Manchester Safeguarding Procedures - Domestic abuse and Greater Manchester Safeguarding Procedures - MARAC.

BISP provides a training course on domestic abuse and child protection. For further information, please see the link to the Courses. Bury SCB - Bury Safeguarding Partnership training courses web page.

Risk assessments for cases of domestic abuse

HITS (Hurts, Insulted, Threatened, Screamed) Tool for Intimate Partner Violence Screening

This is a simple tool to use to ascertain whether there are any concerns or to open a conversation, which could lead to a disclosure of domestic abuse. This can be downloaded from the Procedures and useful documents.

DASH (Domestic Abuse, Stalking and Harassment and Honour Based Violence)

To determine if a case is high risk, practitioners will need to complete a DASH risk assessment with the victim. If the risk assessment score is 14 or more, the MARAC threshold for high risk has been met and a referral to MARAC should be made. The MARAC referral form includes the DASH risk assessment tool and can be downloaded from the Bury Council - Domestic abuse.

Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC)

The MARAC is a regular, multi-agency meeting to support high risk victims of domestic violence and abuse.


  • Shares information to increase the safety, health and wellbeing of victims and their children;
  • Assesses the risk posed by the perpetrator to an individual, their family and the wider community;
  • Implements an integrated risk management plan;
  • Aims to reduce repeat victimisation;
  • Improves agency accountability; and
  • Improves support for staff involved in high risk domestic abuse cases

Practitioners from all agencies should refer high risk cases to MARAC.

Domestic Abuse Risk Assessment Tool to assess the risk of significant harm to children

A risk assessment tool developed by Barnardo's and adopted by Bruce Thornton is available as part of the Bruce Thornton suite of risk assessment tools purchased by Bury Safeguarding Children Board (BSCB) alongside the other Greater Manchester Local Safeguarding Children Boards. BSCB partner agencies have been provided with this tool for inclusion with internal procedures and assessment tools. It can also be requested by agencies working with children and families in Bury from the BSCB Team on 0161 253 6153 or