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Bury Integrated Safeguarding Partnership

Working together to safeguard adults and children in Bury

The Structure of BISP

Bury Integrated Safeguarding Partnership consists of:

  • The BISP Strategic Partnership
  • A Children's Business Group and an Adults Business Group
  • Five Sub Groups: 'Case Review', 'Learning and Development', 'Quality Assurance', 'Complex Safeguarding' and 'Schools, Colleges and Adult Learning'
  • Working Groups, as required

Please view the pdf icon Bury Integrated Safeguarding Partnership Structure [69kb].

The BISP Strategic Partnership

Bury Integrated Safeguarding Partnership is strategic in it's focus and retains overall responsibility for the core functions and additional activities undertaken in it's name. The Strategic Partnership meet once every quarter and extraordinary meetings are convened when necessary.

The Business Groups

The Adults Business Group and the Children's Business Group support the Partnership and meet once every ten weeks. The Partnership has devolved certain operational responsibilities and tasks to the Business Groups. The Business Groups oversees the work plans of the Sub Groups and receive reports on operational safeguarding issues from independent officers or relevant Sub Group chairs. In addition the Business Groups oversee the BISP budget expenditure and approve any reports, policies and procedures sent to it from the Sub Groups or Partnership officers.

Sub Groups

All Sub Groups meet 10 weekly and support the work of Partnership which is to:

  • co-ordinate what is done by agencies for the purpose of safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and vulnerable adults in Bury;
  • ensure the effectiveness of what is done by each such person or body for those purposes.

Case Review Sub Group

The Case Review Sub Group oversees the Partnerships's work in relation to Safeguarding Reviews.

There is a legal duty to undertake reviews of cases where an adult at risk has died or suffered serious harm, the criteria for such reviews is set out in the Care Act 2014.

Where a child has suffered abuse or neglect of a child is known or suspected and the child has died or been seriously harmed consideration should be given to whether a Child Safeguarding Practice Review is appropriate as set out in Working Together 2018, this includes the need to conduct a Rapid Review.

Learning and Development Sub Group

The Learning and Development Sub Group ensures that single agency and multi-agency training on safeguarding and promoting welfare is provided in order to meet the local need.

The Sub Group:

  • has sight on and contributes to developments on the multi-agency policies and procedures
  • ensures the workforce of Bury is effective in safeguarding children, young people and adults at risk of or experiencing abuse and neglect
  • ensures provision of high quality multi-agency safeguarding learning and development
  • enables and promotes Safeguarding learning & development across partners and providers
  • ensures staff are competent to respond to safeguarding concerns (at a level consistent with their role) via the provision of high quality cross sector training
  • ensures the implementation of the Multi-Agency Training Strategy is fit for purpose in light of current need.

Quality Assurance Sub Group

The Quality Assurance Sub Group provide the performance information which assists in setting strategic priorities; provide an opportunity for professional challenge and identify opportunities for multi-agency/single agency audit.

The Sub Group specifically monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of what is done by the Partnership individually and collectively to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and adults and advise them on ways to improve. In achieving this, the Sub Group makes constant reference to the aims set out in the Partnership Business Plan and uses and promotes the principles and methods set out in the Quality Assurance Framework.

Complex Safeguarding Sub Group

Complex Safeguarding is used to describe Criminal activity (often organised), or behaviour associated to criminality, involving vulnerable children and young people, where there is exploitation and/or a clear or implied safeguarding concern. The sub group as delegated by the Partnership supports the Greater Manchester 2021 vision that Greater Manchester will be a national centre of excellence for Complex Safeguarding. The Sub Group is responsible for developing an integrated response to Complex Safeguarding for both children and adults at risk.

Schools, Colleges and Adult Learning Sub Group

The Schools, Colleges and Adult Learning Sub Group is responsible for developing strategies and actions to meet schools, colleges and adult education setting's statutory duties of safeguarding and promoting the safety and welfare of children and adults at risk.

Working groups

BISP working groups currently include those in relation to multi-agency:

  • Neglect Strategy
  • Thresholds document