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Bury Integrated Safeguarding Partnership

Working together to safeguard adults and children in Bury

Independent Child Trafficking Advocacy

The Independent Child Trafficking Advocacy (ICTA) Service has been commissioned by the Home Office to undertake work with potential victims of trafficking.

Under the Modern Slavery Act (2015) all children identified as potentially trafficked within Greater Manchester must be referred into the National Referral Mechanism and to the Barnardo's ICTA Service; this would include:

  • Young people who have been trafficked to the UK from abroad
  • Young people trafficked for the purposes of exploitation through CSE
  • Young people trafficked for the purposes of exploitation through criminal activity
  • Young people who are identified as potentially trafficked and are currently missing

ICTA workers provide advocacy for any young person aged under 18; they will work with young people while a decision is being made under the NRM process and on an ongoing basis if they receive a conclusive grounds decision regarding their trafficking status.

Make a referral

Call our 24/7 Referral Line and we will support you to make the referral over the phone.

Or send a completed referral form to our secure mailbox.

Hotline 0800 043 4303.