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Bury Integrated Safeguarding Partnership

Working together to safeguard adults and children in Bury

Appendix 2: Key Performance Data

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Key Performance Data submitted to QA Sub-group
RefKey Performance IndicatorQ1Q2Q3Q4Year
1.1% Children living in poverty-----
1.2Infant mortality (per 1000 live births)
1.3Child population-----
2.1Number of CIN with a Disability (%)-----
2.2Number of children / YP living in the area who are the responsibility of other LA's (Total)235234251259259
2.3Number of Private Fostering Arrangements (Total)21111
3.1Number of DV Notifications from police where a child is present3954514624391747
3.2Number of DV Notifications from Children's Social Care that led to referral-----
3.3Number of repeat DV call outs by police to an address where a child lives238277231212958
3.4(a)Number of children Missing from Home (Total)92728678328
3.4(b)Number of children Missing from Care (Total)121858173360
3.4(c)Number of children Missing from Education-----
3.5% of children who had an independent return interview (Average)76.973.479.182.678
3.6The rate of violent and sexual offences against children aged 0-17-----
3.7Number of CSE episodes open (Month End)3130303535
3.8Number of new CSE referrals recorded as being at 'high' risk of CSE (Average)2.32.671.6711.91
4.1Number of Locality Hub episodes open at end of month / year (Month End)3703173013971385
4.2Number of Early Help 'The Story So Far' assessments authorised in month / year (Average)61.332.3354042.15
4.3Number of referrals to Children's Services where a CAF has already been in place-----
4.4Number of MASH referrals (Average)834829.7951.3871.3872
4.5(a)Average number of working days until MASH decision (Average)1.793.372.311.082.14
4.5(b)% of MASH Episodes with outcome of Early Help (Average)87.110.310.979.1
4.5(c)% of MASH Episodes with outcome of CSC (Average)19.521.820.922.421.15
5.1Number of referrals to children's social care in quarter (Total)4045305775362047
5.2% of referrals to Children's Social Care which are repeat referrals within 12 months (Average)17.521.623.925.422.1
5.3% of referrals leading to social care's Single Assessment (Average)94.688.59594.693.2
5.4% of completed assessments to timescale (Average)84.686.787.784.985.9
5.5Number of children in need and rate per 10,000 0-17 population (RATE) (Average)171.8176.5196-181.4
6.1Rate of accident and emergency attendance caused by unintentional and deliberate injuries to CYP aged 0-17-----
6.2Number of times police powers of protection were applied (Total)2761227
6.3Rate of S47s per 10,000 0-17 population (Cumulative) (Month End)43.4103.7136.1217.8217.8
6.4% ICPCs held in month where ICPC held within 15 working days of strategy discussion (Average)77.586.774.789.882.2
6.5Number of children subject of Child Protection Plans (Total)161204207201201
6.6Number of child protection plans lasting 2 years or more (Month End)31133
6.7% of children subject to a CP Plan for a subsequent time (Average)-64.368.7-66.7
6.8Number of child deaths with modifiable factors-----
7.1Number of looked after children (responsibility of our LA) including those living outside of the area (Total)364356349347347
7.2Number of Children becoming looked after (Total)34281635113
7.3Number of children ceasing to be looked after (Total)12362338109
8.1Number of allegations referred to LADO----318
8.2Number of FTE social workers, health visitors and school nurses-----
8.3Vacancy rate of social workers, health visitors and school nurses-----
8.4Turnover rate of social workers, health visitors and school nurses-----