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Bury Integrated Safeguarding Partnership

Working together to safeguard adults and children in Bury

Appendix 4: Adult Safeguarding Data

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Adult Safeguarding data
Safeguarding BenchmarkingDetailQ1Q2Q3Q4
SGA1 -
Individuals involved in safeguarding concerns per 100,000 population
SGA2 -
Individuals involved in a Section 42 enquiry per 100,000 population
Individuals involved in an 'Other safeguarding enquiry' per 100,000 population
SGA4 -
Number of individuals with more than one Section 42 enquiry
SGA5 -
Distribution of Types of Risk - 
Input the total number for each type of risk
SGA5 Physical59119178243
SGA5 Sexual8344757
SGA5 Psychological215595111
SGA5 Financial3291145184
SGA5 Discriminatory0334
SGA5 Org261013
SGA5 Neglect88183259355
SGA5 Domestic11417282
SGA5 Sexual exploitation561214
SGA5 Modern slavery0133
SGA5 Self-neglect15386580
SGA6 -
Distribution of Location of Risk -
Input the total number for each location of risk
SGA6 Own home81247386487
SGA6 Community
(excluding community service)
SGA6 Community Service5002
SGA6 Care Home - Nursing36608299
SGA6 Care Home - Residential53114160228
SGA6 Hospital - Acute9121215
SGA6 Hospital - Mental Health273656655
SGA6 Hospital - Other1360
SGA6 Other5142227
SGA7a -
Risk Outcome Measures - 
Input the total number for each risk outcome
SGA7a Risk identified and action taken34194282387
SGA7a Risk identified and no action taken1594145163
SGA7a Inconclusive and action taken11404963
SGA7a Inconclusive and no action taken11284251
SGA7a No risk identified and action taken26274260
SGA7a No risk identified and no action taken255180109
SGA7a Enquiry ceased67398114
SGA7b -
Where was a risk identified, what was the outcome?
SGA7b Risk remained18263548
SGA7b Risk reduced6220324409
SGA7b Risk removed6447092
SGA8 -
Number of enquiries that were recorded as lacking capacity and where they were supported by an advocate, family, or friend
SGA8 - Number that lacked capacity1101421
SGA8 - Of those lacking in capacity, how many of these cases was support provided by an advocate, family or friend?1224
SGA9 -
Number of Safeguarding Adult Reviews per 100,000 population - Total number or SARs that have taken place
SGA10 -
Number of DoLS applications received per 100,000 population [YTD]
SGA11 -
Number of DoLS applications authorised per 100,000 population [YTD]
SGA12a -
Making Safeguarding Personal -
Was a person asked about their desired outcomes?
Provide the total figure from SAC table SG4a and SG4b
SGA12a Yes - outcomes expressed85207296352
SGA12a Yes - no outcomes expressed17365461
SGA12a No, don't know, not recorded1132664853
SGA12b - 
Making Safeguarding Personal - 
Where a person was asked about their desired outcomes, were they achieved?
Provide the total figure from SAC table SG4a and SG4b
(Section 42 and other enquiry)
SGA12b Yes - outcomes fully achieved55119169203
SGA12b Yes - outcomes partly achieved2573101120
SGA12b Yes - outcomes not achieved5152629