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Bury Integrated Safeguarding Partnership

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NWIAT training

NWIAT training for trainers - 2 day course

  • Would you like to join the BSCB Training Pool?
  • Are you an experienced practitioner?
  • Do you have knowledge and skills that you can share?
  • Would you like to develop your presentation skills to give you confidence to be able to deliver effective multi-agency training?

This two day practical course will help professionals who have an interest in contributing to a multi-agency training programme develop or improve their presentation skills. It aims to:

  • help participants develop skills and confidence in training through a programme which includes looking at individual learner needs, and how to take these into account
  • create a climate conducive to learning
  • manage and support the group and other training practicalities
  • evaluate the learning experience.

The course is run by members of North West Inter Agency Trainers group and is offered in different venues across the region 5 times per year.

Please ring our BSCB Learning & Development Officer on 0161-253-6178 for further information.