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Sexual Exploitation - Information for Children and Young People

Be aware, stay alert, keep safe! How to keep you and your friends safe from exploitation

Three top tips to keep safe:

  1. Trust yourself to know when something is wrong. If someone makes you feel unsafe, pressured or frightened, follow your instincts and seek help.
  2. Don't trust people you don't know, even if they seem friendly - and make sure you know who you are talking to online. Never give away personal details or agree to meet someone who you have only talked to online.
  3. Don't be tricked into doing things that are unsafe, even if they seem like fun. What might look exciting at first could be more dangerous than you realise.

If you are worried about a situation that you or a friend is in, talk to an adult that you trust as soon as you can. People who can help you include teachers, parents, carers and social workers.

For further information, please see the leaflet below which can be downloaded and visit It's Not Okay.